Sunday, July 22, 2012


Hello friends this one is the simple and basic Fm transmitter circuit using one transistor specially for student  and Beginners who want to starts their the hobby of electronic.

 It is simple in construction and working . And all the circuit and component details are given in the above picture and the video will show you the working and the function the small range  fm transmitter . 


Please friend just take care about the CBE of the transistor as you may new in the electronic and dont get hopless when your circuit will not working in the first time try until you not get the success . because this circuit will required little hard work not much but little. so never leave it by just after soldering it ok .
And i upload a video for your reference so you can get some basic idea of the making of it. and if is not compulsory to make it on copper plate , you can make it on any type of PCB.
 If any one have query or problem in the making of the fm transmitter then you can contact me any time. 

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